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Noshow (2012)

  1. Your Dad Was a Reptile
  2. Troubled Party
  3. While the Whole Wide World’s in Love with Her, She’s Not in Love with the World
  4. Sunny Day in Spring
  5. Fourth of December
  6. The Bail
  7. If We’ll Ever Find the Time
  8. Laughing in the New Year
  9. Lisa-Marie
  10. A Word is Just a Word

Good Night No Love (2014)

  1. Good Night No Love
  2. When the Day Breaks
  3. The End of the Night
  4. Our Picture Don’t Seem Right
  5. Late Night Soldiers
  6. They Only Mean Us Well
  7. This Odd Life of Mine
  8. Night Owl
  9. Drunken Lies
  10. Bird Craft
  11. The Tumor That Connects Our Flesh

Bosselini (2017)

  1. Heavy Like Ground/Part of The Ground
  2. The Scarecrow is Back in Town
  3. Ashes of Wisdom
  4. I got a Baby, But My Baby Didn’t Get a Job
  5. Turn Away
  6. Not Until You Freak Out
  7. You, What You’re Waiting For?
  8. My Ship Made of Gold
  9. Together We Could Spend More Time Apart
  10. What She Wants
  11. Jokes Are Made For Laughs

Drum On (2018)

  1. Volunteers on the Run
  2. Smoke Me, I’m Yours to Inhale
  3. Try to Wake Me
  4. The Asylum
  5. Black Fire
  6. Stay This Night
  7. The Second Coming of Chris Isaak


The Right Mistakes (2015)

  1. The Right Mistakes

Volunteers on the Run (2018)

  1. Volunteers on the Run (Radio Edit)
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